Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teacher Development Schools

Teacher Development Schools (TDSs) are providing learning and teaching support for classroom teachers. TDSs have been established for all phases of schooling, from early childhood through to the senior years, and include all learning areas. 
TDSs are providing professional learning that supports teachers and schools to:

• teach the Australian Curriculum;
• improve curriculum knowledge and teaching practice;
• use whole school approaches to literacy and numeracy;
• engage with the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework; and
• improve knowledge and understanding of curriculum content for identified senior secondary courses.
TDSs are sharing their experiences in implementing the Australian Curriculum using a range of strategies including: school walk throughs, classroom modelling, virtual classrooms and traditional face-to-face sessions run by presenters.
Sawyers Valley Primary School is a Teacher Development School in the area of History in the Early Years. Our focus will be from K-2. Our team consists of  Mr Stephen Powell, Mrs Tonya Wood, Mrs Carey Stewart and Mrs Anne Gemser.
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