Sunday, March 17, 2013

Local Area Study - Sawyers Valley

I have been thinking about our local area and have started exploring images from the past and images from now. Below are two pictures from Sawyers Valley. These can be used as primary evidence to initiate discussion in the classroom. I love the photo taken in circa1927 and the tavern is a well known building in the area as it is in the centre of the town.
Circa 1927
We can explore the following historical concepts as outlined in the Australian Curriculum: History
1. Continuity and change - How has the tavern changed? What is the same?
2. Cause and effect - Why was there a tavern and what was the effect on the community?
3. Perspectives - Why were these photos taken? Who took the photos?
4. Empathy - How does it feel to live in Sawyers Valley now? What would it feel like to be in the photo taken in 1927?
5. Significance - Why is the tavern still there? What is the significance of the tavern?
6. Sources - Were did these photos come from? Are they primary or secondary souces?
7. Contestability - Is there a reason to contest the validitiy of these photos and why they were taken? (This is a very senior primary concept)

A local area study can be a great starting point when exploring History in any year level. So start searching for local history photos to explore History with your class.

Happy Researching!

Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator 
Year 2/3 Level 3 Teacher

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