Thursday, December 5, 2013

QR Code Test

I have delved into the world of QR codes. If you have a tablet or smart phone, you can scan this code to take you to our blog (Which you are at already at I know, but this is a test). Please let me know by placing a comment at the end of this post if the QR code worked for you! I hope to link to lots of other things in the future. 
That's all for now!
Mr Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator 
Year 2/3 Level 3 Classroom Teacher 


  1. Very excited, the QR code worked on my new is is a whole new world for me, that is ;)

  2. I've used QR codes a lot in my Year 3 class last year. The kids love them, they are easy to create and use - links to websites, answers to problems on activity cards. Have fun with them... and thanks for the information in this blog.
    Cathy Wolfenden