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SHACC ~ Science & History Australian Curriculum Collective
This is an exciting new stage in the TDS world with Science@GreenmountTDS and Sawyers Valley Sharing combining forces to present a series of Action Learning Workshops throughout the year. The first event will be on the 2nd of April at Greenmount Primary School. To register, please go to the IPL website. Registrations close the 26th of March.
It's not too late!

"SHACC Needs You!"

If you have already registered for SHACC and you will be working with History, our first session will looking at the following Historical Skills:
(F-2) Pose questions about the past using sources provided 
(3-4) Pose a range of questions about the past
(5-6) Identify questions to inform an historical inquiry

History Teachers' Association of WA (HTAWA)
It was very exciting to read about US in the HTAWA February Bulletin. 
Check it out, page 12!

Hikes Through History (K-6) (HTH)
The first Hike is on Tuesday the 20th of May (Term 2) 2014. 
Spaces are limited however the events are repeated throughout the year. If you are unable to attend this session, others are available on 17 June, 5 August, 9 September and 18 November 2014.
Please go to the IPL website to register now!

Facebook Group! (FB)
Don't forget to register to be part of our Facebook Group: 
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