Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Term 3 Reflection Time...

Well another term is nearly over and I hope that whatever you have been doing, it has worked for you and you are making gains however small or large in your classroom. Sawyers Valley Primary has been hurtling along with school production and sports carnival making this term one of the busiest. This term we have presented to schools, delivered History Hikes and made Centra/Saba available for remote teachers. We have continued with SHACC, with die hard History lovers coming along when they can and we thank you for your commitment. We also commenced our first professional learning for the Old Schoolhouse - Victorian classroom experience. I would like to thank the staff, volunteers and students of Sawyers Valley Primary for their support and commitment to the Teacher Development School Project this term and we look forward to providing even more support in term 4 and 2015!

The Old Schoolhouse

We are very excited that the Victorian Schoolhouse experience is now operational and encourage schools to attend our professional learning if you would like to bring your class/es to our little, beautiful, green and leafy school in the hills. Why attend the professional learning? It will help you to get the most out of the excursion and it will help keep the cost down! If you can't make the professional learning then teacher relief is required on top of the $5 student fee, so a teacher from Sawyers can run the day. So a pre-visit is worth a lot, I mean it will save you a lot!
The next professional learning is on Monday the 10th of November (5-7 pm), perfect if you want to start planning for 2015!
Please go to the IPL website to register or if you are from a non-government school, please email. If you type TDS History in the search box at the top you will find all the History events available to you. 

Taking a Break
There will not be any posts for a while. I will be taking long service leave starting this Friday (19th of September) and will be returning on Thursday (6th of November). Any support in History, please contact the wonderful support staff at Statewide Services. They will then be able to redirect you to someone who can help 9402 6315. 

That's all from me for a while! 
Mr Stephen Powell

Teacher Development School Coordinator

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