Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Year Plan Geography for Split Grades

Juggling the Australian Curriculum in a small primary school can be hard work. 

In 2013 we developed a simple 3 year plan for History that helped teachers reduce the amount of Content Descriptors Knowledge & Understandings for split grades. The focus at Sawyers Valley is to teach the Content Descriptors Knowledge & Understandings outlined for their split grade in our plan and making sure the Key Concepts of Evidence, Continuity & Change, Cause & Effect,Perspectives, Empathy, Significance and Contestability are being taught where it is outlined in the year level description. The teachers focus on all the historical skills for the 2 year levels.

We have now developed a 3 year plan for Geography. We have created a table with the Geographical Knowledge and Understandings to reduce the pressure on split grades. Again, the Geographical Inquiry and Skills and the key concepts of Place, Space, Change, Environment, Sustainability, Interconnection and Scale are the focus to make sure there is flow from year to year.

Click on the link below to access our new 3 year plan.
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Mr Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator

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