Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 5....How are you travelling?

Term 4 is always busy and everyone is madly writing reports and trying to maintain energy until the 17th of December! Here at Sawyers Valley we are just as busy and hopefully we will be able to take a few moments to relax in between.

Integrating HASS (P-6)

Next Thursday (19/11/15) 3 - 4 pm I will be running an online workshop for one hour looking at ways to integrate HASS now that the timeline for full implementation has been released by SCSA. I would love you to spend the afternoon with me online. Go to the IPL website to register. If you have any problems registering, please email me as soon as possible before Tuesday. This workshop will be repeated on the 3rd of December.

New HASS Skills

I was very fortunate to work with a super bunch of teacher leaders in the Swan Network this week and we explored the new HASS Skills and how they are set out to follow a model of inquiry. They were asked to represent how they see the inquiry model and key words/statements that need to be highlighted. Here are their wonderful inquiry representations completed on the day in their year levels. 

To find the new skills go to the SCSA website K10 Outline and click on P-10 Curriculum, Humanities and Social Sciences, download the Humanities and Social Sciences Scope and Sequence, and scroll down to page 6.

That's all for now!
Stephen Powell
TDS Coordnitator

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