Thursday, June 6, 2013

History in Pre-Primary!

Recount of a Memory
The children listened to "Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge" by Mem Fox. We discussed that their memories are their past. The children shared some of their memories and we talked about what a memory was. we discussed that they needed to be present for it to be one of their memories otherwise it was someone else's memory. For example, "I remember when I was born" is actually their parent's memory. Each child then individually recounted a memory and drew a picture to accompany their recount.
Timeline Activity
The children were involved in a number of activities that focused on when they were babies. This assessment piece of work required the children to draw themselves as a baby, now and an adult. They were asked to think about size, features, types of activities and then likes/interests at each particular stage. Some interesting perceptions of our adult world! Funny!
Time Tunnel
The children have been discussing things they like to do with their grandparents and have been reading books about grandparents. The children looked at books about homes, toys and buildings from the past and were engaged in a discussion about the past. They then crawled through the time tunnel to discover some objects from the past such as a record player and records, typewriter, old telephone, manual irons. They played with these objects and were given opportunities to pose questions and explore how they were used.

Photos of the 3 activities are below.
Thank you Carey Stewart for providing these wonderful samples. 
A reminder that our second History Cafe will be on Tuesday the 11th of June. We will be looking at Evidence in all years. If you wish to attend please email me as the registrations have closed. 

Have a great weekend!
Mr Stephen Powell 
TDS Coordinator Year 2/3 Level 3 Classroom Teacher 

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