Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Australian Curriculum: History Planning Tools

This year we have been working on developing planning tools that can be used with the History Learning Area. We can now share these documents and they can be downloaded via the blog.
Important Information:
  • Years F-2 have the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) incorporated and the language has been modified in the general capabilities and EYLF. Years 3-7 have the language taken directly from the Australian Curriculum.
  • The planning tool has been designed to be used over one semester/2 terms. 
  • It is a word document so activities and links can be inputted easily. 
  • ScOT codes have not been hyperlinked so you can copy and paste the codes into the portal's resources online.
Click on the links below to open the document.

F-6 Planning Tools

Foundation        Personal and Family Histories
Year 1                Present and Past Family Life
Year 2                The Past in the Present
Year 3                Community and Remembrance
Year 4                First Contacts
Year 5                The Australian Colonies
Year 6                Australia as a Nation

Year 7 Planning Tools - Depth Studies

Year 7                Investigating the Ancient Past
Year 7                The Asian World
Year 7                The Mediterranean World

The TDS team at Sawyers Valley Primary School hope that these planning tools will support you when teaching History.

Happy planning!

Mr Stephen Powell 
TDS Coordinator 
Year 2/3 Level 3 Classroom Teacher 

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