Monday, March 30, 2015

Time flies when you are BUSY!

This term has flown! I think the 9 weeks has something to do with it but if you are as busy as we are, then your term would have flown as well.

Multi Age Planning
We get a lot a emails and calls about planning for split grades. Being a small school of 170, we have splits grades from K-6! I have been lucky to work with the very talented Cynthia McGlew (TDS Coordinator - Science@Greenmount PS) and she has developed a multi-age planning document for Science. I have modified the document so that it can be used for HASS (Humanities and Social Science). The document gives you 2 options for planning. I have uploaded a PDF and Word Version for you to use. I have also added an example of my Year 3/4 plan this term (It isn't perfect, but you will get the idea).
Click on the WORD or PDF links below to view the document in Google Docs.

Victorian Classroom Experience @ Sawyers Valley Primary School

It is very exciting, we can now share the wonderful videos filmed at the Schoolhouse. You can watch the videos on the website. The videos are no more than 1 or 2 minutes each. Click here to watch!  Two have been uploaded today, with 5 more to be uploaded shortly. So check the web site so you can view each wonderful clip!

SHACC (Science & History Australian Curriculum Collective)

We had our first SHACC in week 4 and we plan to have our next SHACC on Wednesday the 6th of May 2015 at Greenmount Primary School (4-5 pm). If you came to the last one, please bring a friend! Make sure you register by the 29th of April on the IPL website.

We had our first Saba Forum last Tuesday and we have 2 more in Term 2.
  • Tuesday - 19th of May 2015 (4-5 pm)
  • Tuesday - 9th of June 2015 (4-5 pm)
To watch the last session, Department of Education employees can click on the link below to watch a replay.
Go to the  IPL website register for Term 2 (If the events are not up yet, please email me to express interest)

I was lucky to be invited to present at the History Teachers Association of WA's Conference last Saturday and I saw so many new and exciting ideas for the classroom. 
One resource I suggest you all check out is the CArnamah Virtual Museum. There are 10 resource packages that you can use immediately to enhance your History curriculum. Do yourself a favour, go to .

I also saw a terrific resource called 'Trading Cards' from ReadWriteThink. Your students can create collector cards for people they are researching.
ReadWriteThink also have a terrific Timeline creator. There are also lessons that are associated with this piece of technology. Check it out!
(Note: the rest of the site might not be suitable and you should use your professional judgement when selecting other resources)  

The keynote speaker was Simon McKenzie @connectedtchr and he has curated a wonderful selection of resources via Pinterest. Go to and have look, you will be lost for hours!

They were just 4 of the many wonderful things that I saw. I will share more in the future!

That's all for now!
Mr Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator

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  1. Hi Stephen
    So pleased that you were able to attend the HTAWA Conference and present the Victorian School House experience. Yes...Simon McKenzie (Keynote speaker) shared so many ideas to enhance our classroom teaching. Check out his Blog here