Monday, September 21, 2015

End of another term...


With the release of the WA Curriculum Outline, I have been adding links to the other pages on the blog and will continue to do so in the next few months. I have added some links to Civics & Citizenship and also to Economics and Business. If you have discovered some brilliant web site that you have used in your classroom, please send me a link to: 
I also plan to move the links on the right hand side that link directly to History onto its own page. Web sites like Australian Screen cover all of HASS so I will leave those types of websites on the front page. So, watch this space!


Planning a PL event for Geography and not sure where to start? A great video to inspire staff on the need for Geography in the primary school.


Our final SHACC session for 2015 will be held in week 3 Term 4 - Wednesday the 28th of October - 4-5 pm at Greenmount Primary School. Come along to finish the year and we will be looking at reporting in History and the implcations for HASS in 2016. Go to the IPL website to register.


I have planned to have 2 more one hour Saba online sessions in term 4. They will soon be listed on the IPL website so keep a look out for:
TDS HASS - Integrating the HASS Curriculum (P-6)
With the release of the Western Australian Curriculum, teachers in all primary schools are looking at ways to cover all the curriculum in their year level. This session will provide teachers with a forum to discuss ways to integrate HASS into other areas of the curriculum. It will cover the planning, teaching and assessment cycle, which learning areas will work with HASS and the HASS skills. I will walk you through the ways in which Sawyers Valley are managing the curriculum at their Level 4 school.
The dates are:

  • 19th of November 2015 
  • 3rd of December 2015 
I hope to see you online soon!

Have a great holiday everyone and make sure you rest and get yourself ready for the always busy, always exhausting term 4!

That's all for now!
Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator

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