Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LSL is over, now for some HASS!

After a few weeks longs service leave, I have returned to the work place ready for more HASS. I was fortunate to travel to the United States with my son and I was able to immerse myself in some History and Geography while I was there. I went to Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello and went to the battlefields from the Civil War. I could see the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance and could see how place and space are interconnected with history in every place I visited. So much history all over the place!

The next SHACC will be held on Wednesday the 16th of September from 4-5 pm at Greenmount Primary School. The focus will be on teaching strategies. Please register via the IPL website. Thank you.

Old Victorian Schoolhouse

Last term we were lucky to have the year 4/5 students, teachers and parents from Hollywood Primary School spend a day in Victorian times. All that attended the day really immersed themselves into the spirit of the day and had a great time. When they returned to their school they completed a Venn Diagram comparing school from today and from the 1900s. I was thrilled to receive these examples from the class that I can now share with you. So many observations were made by the students.

  • Year 4 HASS Skills
Questioning and Researching

    • Record selected information and/or data (e.g. use graphic organisers, develop note‐taking strategies)  
Communicating and Reflecting

    • Present findings and conclusions in a range of communication forms (e.g. written, oral, visual, digital, tabular, graphic), appropriate to audience and purpose, using relevant terms.

  • Year 5 HASS Skills
Questioning and Researching

    • Record selected information and/or data using a variety of methods (e.g. use graphic organisers, paraphrase, summarise)
Communicating and Reflecting

    • Present findings, conclusions and/or arguments, appropriate to audience and purpose, in a range of communication forms (e.g. written, oral, visual, digital, tabular, graphic, maps) and using subject‐specific terminology and concepts 
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That's all for now!
Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator

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