Tuesday, May 21, 2013

History Cafe: Local Area Planning Reflection

Thank you to the people who attended the first History Cafe at Sawyers Valley. The sun was shining and the tea and coffee was a welcome friend for people who travelled up the hill. We thank you for making the effort.
At the cafe we:
  • Discussed the Overarching Concepts and looked at the glossary.
  • We discussed the pictures of the Sawyers Valley Hotel and looked at developing inquiry questions using the Overarching Concepts.
  • We explored the blog and the planning tool developed by Sawyers Valley TDS team.
  • Finally we created a paper chain to link the Overarching Concepts, Historical Knowledge and Understanding, Historical Skills and General Capabilities to show how they work together to create a rich History experience in our classroom.
As the sun set, and the air temperature dropped we said farewell and look forward to doing it all again on the 11th of June!

Please go to http://www.det.wa.edu.au/professionallearning/detcms/portal/ to register for the next History Cafe looking at evidence.

Please share this blog with your friends, if you haven't already done so. 

Thank you

Mr Stephen Powell
TDS Coordinator
Year 2/3 Level 3 Classroom Teacher

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